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2017 Spring Edition  
  • FREE Shredding Event April 15 from 9:00am to 11:30am at the Security-Victor parking lot.
  • From Jerry, spring chores and a book recommendation.
  • Tip of the month:  Sump Pump Awareness.
  • 2017 Referral Rewards reminder - Thank you for your referrals!
  • Healthy and Tasty Salmon and Tomato recipe.
  • Umbrellas & Uninsured/Underinsured Liability Insurance.
  • Vacation Rental Car Insurance Reminder.
  • Loan/Lease GAP coverage on your newly purchased vehicle.
2017 Winter Edition - Happy New Year!  
  • From Jerry, the importance of physical exercise for your body and positive media/news for your mental health.
  • What do you do when you need storm damage restoration?
  • 2017 Referral Rewards program.  Congratulations to our most recent winners:  Sue Swanson $200; Nancy Carlson $200; Tom Sampson $200.  In addition, Matt Howard of LAYSB received a check for $1,600 which represented $10 for each referral in 2016! Thank you to all who referred us to their friends, relatives and co-workers in 2016!
  • Carbon Monoxide warning.
  • Vacation Rental Car Insurance Reminder.
  • Perfect Prime Rib Everytime.
  • Free Shredding Event Reminder:  Saturday, April 15, 2017
2016 Winter Edition  
  • From Jerry, No Fault Insurance in Minnesota - also known as Personal Injury Protection.
  • This month's tip:  Avoiding Deer Collisions.
  • Referral Rewards Program.  August and September winners Todd Proulx and Beth Olson.
  • Tips to winterize your home.
  • How to make a family disaster plan.
  • Divorce:  The insurance pitfalls and how to avoid them.
2016 Fall Edition  
  • From Jerry, Tips for practicing an "Attitude of "Gratitude".
  • A story and life lesson from Sue Swanson.
  • Referral Rewards Program.  June and July winners Bruce Selvig and Bill Steinman.
  • Facebook safety tips.
  • Umbrella insurance tips and info.
2016 Summer Edition  
  • From Jerry, the power of positive energy.
  • Summer Safety Tips.
  • Referral Rewards Program.  March winner Donald Raasch.  April winner Kevin Dunaway.
  • Tip of the month:  Are you Smart with your Smartphone?
  • How do insurance claims work?
  • Thank you to all who participated in the annual shredding event!  
2016 Spring Edition  
  • From Jerry, a review of "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews.
  • The benefits of a photo inventory.
  • Mandatory car insurance law takes effect January 1, 2016.  (Includes considerations for driving for UBER)
  • All new Referral Rewards Program.  January winners Scott & Gloria Norton pictured with Jerry and February winner Amanda Byers pictured with Tammy.  Thank you to all who have referred to us this year! 
  • Top 3 must have legal documents - are you prepared?
  • Spring home maintenance tips.
  • Five Steps for Tracking Down a Lost Life Insurance Policy.
  • Annual FREE Shredding Event!  Saturday, April 16, 2016 9:00 am to 11:30 am!
2016 Winter Edition  
  • Happy New Year!  Jerry's inspirational notes on how to plan and spend your time in 2016.
  • All new Referral Rewards Program.
  • Sept - Oct Referral Rewards winner Jim Friend.  Nov - Dec winners Bob and Katherine Zingsbeim.
  • What happens if you get a DWI.
  • Yum!  Mocha Chocolate Mousse.
  • Stop Cyber Bullying.
  • 134 Referrals generated a $1,340 donation to Lakes Area Youth Services Bureau.
  • Does your car insurance cover reductions in market value? 
2015 Fall Edition  
  • October is Fire Prevention Month.
  • A note from Jerry:  Tips on insurance and exercise routines.
  • Dates for Defensive Driver classes:  Oct 20/22 or Oct26/Nov 10
  • 2015 Referral Rewards.  Thank you for your referrals!  Congratulations Becky Babores, winner of a Mini Ipad!
  • Do you drive a company car?  From the desk of Tammy.
  • Winterizing your home.
  • Halloween Insurance Tips.
  • Margarita Salmon recipe!  Yum!
  • Some considerations regarding homeowners "Residence Premise"
2015 Summer Edition  
  • Grilling Safety
  • A note from Jerry:  Enjoy the summer on your bike!
  • 2015 Referral Rewards.  Thank you for your referrals!  Congratulations Tom Ehrenberg and Jeannette Wolfe winners of a Mini Ipad winners for June and July.
  • Lightening Safety information.
  • Strawberry Chicken Salad recipe!
  • ;^)  Some jokes to share with the children in your life!
2015 Spring Edition  
  • Protect Your Family During Severe Weather
  • A note from Jerry:  It is time to git 'er done
  • 2015 Referral Rewards info.  Thank you for your referrals!  Congratulations Mark Steele - winner of a new ipad for telling others about Security-Victor Insurance Agent.
  • A Vacation Rental Car insurance reminder.
  • Defensive Driving Course Information.
  • Grilled Shrimp recipe - from Michele Goodale!
  • Life Insurance for those you love.
  • Spring Home Maintenance Tips
2015 Winter Edition  
  • Frozen Pipes Can Be Scary!
  • A note from Jerry:  Believe you can improve.
  • 2015 Referral Rewards info.  Thank you for your referrals!
  • Latest LAYSB contribution.
  • What's First in Your Day.
  • *New Newsletter Section" - Shared Recipes.
  • Snowmobile Insurance reminder.
  • Fish Houses and Ice Shacks.
2014 Fall Edition  
  • A note from Jerry:  Financial Fitness Challenge.
  • Home Insurance and Your College Student.
  • Wet & Wild: Tips for Driving Through the Fall.
  • You May Not Be Properly Covered If...
  • Curbing Your Email Addiction.
  • Auto Insurance and Your College Student.
  • Congratulations Larry and Nancy Bunde!  Winners of a mini-ipad for telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2014 Summer Edition  
  • A note from Jerry:  My trip to Yellowstone!
  • You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.
  • Are you a Trustee of your trust?
  • Off to College!  When the Student's away, Parents will pay.
  • Save Money on Water.
  • Congratulations Mike Richter!  Winner of a mini-ipad, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2014 Spring Edition  
  • A note from Jerry:  Looking forward to Spring!
  • Tips to avoid a wet basement.
  • A note from Michele Goodale: "What the Hail?"
  • Save the date!  Annual Shredding Event:April 19, 2014 9 am - 11:30 am
  • Congratulations Eric Kettunen!  Winner of a mini-ipad, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2013 Edition 4  
  • The Season of Giving.
  • Why my gas mileage stinks.
  • Don't veer for deer.
  • Congratulations Lyn Gort and Donna Kohs - referral contest winners.
2013 Edition 3  
  • Consumer tips show how to protect privacy.
  • A note from Jerry:  Fitness encouragement and an update on his personal progress.
  • Referral rewards winners:  March/April - Brent Cook; May/June - Linda Vannatta. Winners of a mini-ipad, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
  • 10 tips for a well-organized home.
  • The benefits of using an independent agent.
2013 Edition 2  
  • A note from Jerry - Join me on the 2013 MS150.
  • A note to our valuable customers.
  • Referral rewards January/February winner Lee Brady - Congratulations!
  • Replacement cost coverage on roofs may be ending.
  • Spring rains are coming - are you protected?
  • Free Shredding Event!  April 27, 2013
2013 Edition 1  
  • New Years Resolutions and Insurance.
  • 2012 Referral Rewards winners - Congratulations!
  • Peace of mind for things that shine.
  • Do you have enough life insurance?
  • The importance of an individual umbrella policy.
2012 Edition 5  
  • A note from Jerry:  'Tis the Season of Giving in Our Local Community.
  • I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.
  • Speaking of Payments, Let's Ask for Grace!
  • Congratulations to Roger O'berg and Brent Seblieff!  They have both won $250 gift cards, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2012 Edition 4  
  • What is GAP insurance for cars - Is it worth it?
  • A note from Jerry:  The MS150 mis ADVENTURE.
  • How to have a positive attitude at work.
  • Congratulations to Aaron Burquist!  Winner of a $250 gift card to Casey's General Store in Wyoming, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2012 Edition 3  
  • No Such Thing as a "FREE ROOF".
  • A Note from Jerry:  Get It In Gear.
  • Lake Superior Facts:  Pretty Amazing!
  • Congratulations to Linda Schultz!  Winner of a $250 gift card to Casey's General Store in Wyoming, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2012 Edition 2  
  • Don't Get Soaked!
  • Save the Date:  5th Annual Shredding Event.
  • The Risk of Flooding is Real:  Don't Gamble Anymore.
  • Congratulations to Sarah Johnson!  Winner of $250 in Free Groceries, just by telling others about Security-Victor Insurance.
2012 Edition 1  
  • In Case of Emergency:  Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Tips.
  • Keep Yourself Safe & Avoid a Homeowners Claim.
  • 2011 Referral Program Grand Prize Winner is Bob Medek!
  • Long Term Car Awareness.
September/October 2011  
  • For the "Snowbirds" and others going on vacation this winter.
  • 10 ways to winterize your home - now.
  • 2011 Referral Program Grand Prize Winner is Mark Steele!
  • The Real Cost of Replacing Your Home.
July/August 2011  
  • Beware of Dog (Liability).
  • Track What's Important In Your Life.
  • 2011 Referral Program Grand Prize Winner.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements Critical for Business Owners. 
March/April 2011  
  • Your Protection is NOT an Accident, EVER.
  • Defensive Driving at Forest Lake Community Education.
  • Should I purchase an umbrella liability policy?
  • Congratulations to Michelle and Tammy!
Winter 2010  
  • What's your plan for the New Year?
  • 2010 Referral Program Grand Prize Winners.
  • Winter Driving Tips.
  • It Will Never Happen To Your Business...
May/June 2010  
  • Are Home Insurance Premiums On The Rise?
  • Security-Victor And Their Clients Help Local Charities.
  • Tired of Low Interest With CDs?  Switch to an Annuity!
  • Congratulations to Joe Soloman - Rita & Gordy Pietruszewski!  (Winners of Dinner & A Movie)
March/April 2010  
  • What To Don In Case Of A Loss.
  • Risk of Working from Home or Having a Business in your Home.
  • Toys of Summer.
  • Keeping All Your Eggs In One Basket - Isn't Always A Bad Thing.
  • Congratulations to Lori Nelson - Steve & Mary Kowarsch!  (Winners of Dinner & A Movie)
January/February 2010  
  • Conduct an Insurance Check-up this Tax Season.
  • Attorney's Advice - No Charge.
  • Younger Next Year.
  • Congratulations to Nathan Minick!  (Winner of a $250 gas card)
November/December 2009  
  • Protect Your Home and Your Loved Ones During the Holiday Season.
  • Top 6 Rules For Dealing With The Holiday Season At Work.
  • Congratulations To Bill Wilson - Wayne & Elaine Jacobson!  (All winners of a $250 Gas Card)
August/September 2009  
  • Homeowners Insurance to Value.
  • Keeping Your Teen Save On The Road.
  • Got a Teen?  You Need An Umbrella. 
  • Congratulations to Richard & Denise Rothmeyer - Steve & Judy Remitz!  (All winners of a $250 Gas Card)
May/June 2009  
  • The Upside of the Economic Downturn.
  • Is Mold a Killer - It Can Be A Serious Health Risk...
  • Shredding Event a Big Success!!!
  • Congratulations to Mark & Linda Peterson - Bob Stengard!  (All winners of a $250 Gas Card)
  • Danger!  Injured Pets May Not Be Themselves.
March/April 2009  
  • How Your Insurance Works.
  • Towing Your Boat This Spring.
  • Clearing Some Confusion - Regarding Flood Insurance.
  • I have recently been laid off - What should I do about my health insurance?
  • Congratulations to Harry & Teresa Rose - Donald White!  (All winners of a $250 Grocery Card)
January/February 2009  
  • Before & After A Claim - What To Do To Get All The Money You Have Coming.
  • Mind Your P's and Q's.
  • Congratulations to Carl Kratzke!  (Winner of a $250 Gas Card).
  • Put Your Car Keys Beside Your Bed At Night.

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